When your six year old reminds you of the gospel

Yesterday God used my little girl, Emie, to remind me of something I often forget.  After dinner, I asked both my girls some questions (from this book) and ended with this one: "Why did Jesus die on the cross?"  Emie quickly said, "For our sins."  But then she looked at me right in the eyes and added, "And because he really, really loves us and he really, really wanted to."  I started tearing up--not because it was some sentimental moment.  I teared up because I often forget this simple truth--the truth of God's passionate love for me that is infinitely superior to any love I could ever give or comprehend.  The love that sees me at my worst and yet pursues me all the more.  "Greater love has no one than this," says Jesus while speaking of his love that motivated him to go to the cross.  Wow.  That's the heart of the gospel.  And it took my six year old to help me remember it and dive deeper into it.  Thank you Lord.