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Where are the men?

seu521.jpgDavid Murrow, author of the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, writes, "Almost everything about today's church . . . is designed to meet the needs and expectations of a largely female audience. Church is sweet and sentimental, nurturing and nice." Murrow argues:

 1. Church makes men feel uncomfortable because it emphasizes feminine values

2. Church forces men to do things that they find uncomfortable

3. Men assume that church will require them to give up masculine traits

4. Church does not present a compelling model of leadership

Jamie Dunlop, elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, writes a helpful review of Murrow's book.  He says that Murrow sets forth a proper description of the problem but fails in his prescription of what to do in light of Scripture.  Dunlop says,

Murrow’s descriptions are useful and adept. But the book’s usefulness declines dramatically as it turns to prescription. Murrow roots his recommendations in doing away with what rubs worldly men the wrong way—rather than viewing this challenge within the context of the scriptural mission of the church and the biblical principles God has ordained to govern the church.

So what biblical recommendations or changes do we make in light of this problem? 

By the way, this is not a new problem.  Cortland Myers wrote a book called Why Men Do Not Go To Church over hundred years ago—in 1899! Myers was minister at Baptist Temple in Brooklyn, New York when he wrote this book.