Where do you start in discipling new believers?

growing1.jpgI believe that one of the main reasons why the church is so weak is a result of our ignorance and our lack of focus on discipling new believers.  Many of you who have read my blog have modeled for me the importance of this very thing.  For example, my twin brother Mark has a huge heart for discipling new believers as he ministers in Japan.  He understands the 2 Tim. 2:2 principle of entrusting the gospel to faithful men who can in turn teach others. My question today is this:  Where do you start in discipling new believers?  What have you found to be good resources to aid in this all-important process?

Donald Whitney has some helpful comments here.  Matthias Media also produces a little booklet to go through with your new disciple here.  Feel free to pass along any other practical tools and/or words of insight on this issue.