Where the Wild Things Are

I remember reading the book, Where the Wild Things Are, as a kid.  So, I'm curious to see the movie as it came out this past weekend.  Not suprisingly, it has already been met with mixed reviews.

Dr. Cole Abaius loved the movie and gives 7 reasons why you should go and see it He says the film is like a time machine to 10 years old and gives you "an excuse to remember things how you used to remember them. To see a toy boat as an adventure on the high seas, and to see a pile of clothes and cardboard boxes as the rocketship that it really is."

Carolyn Arends, of Christianity Today, gives a balanced review here.  She calls the film a "creative triumph," and yet warns parents of the overall tone of violence and "post-existential angst that places young Max (and thus his viewers) in a decaying and unreliable universe."

Brent Thomas also weighs in saying Where the Wild Things Are "is a movie about being a child that you have to be an adult to grasp."

And finally, Meghan Basham of World Magazine calls the movie, "Not so Wild," and says it offers a "quiet, moving story." (HT: JT)

If you've seen the movie or remember reading the book, feel free to share your thoughts.  FYI: The film is rated PG for mild thematic elements, some adventure action, and brief language.