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Whose “fault” is it that sin is here: Satan’s, God’s, or Adam and Eve’s?

Eric Schumacher answers this very difficult question here.  His summary:

The answer is: Yes.

Satan did tempt and incite Eve to eat the apple, who gave it to Adam who ate. Satan willed and carried out evil. He bears responsibility.

Adam and Eve acted wickedly, disobeying God’s clear instruction. They rebelled, and through Adam sin entered the world. He bears responsibility.

But, ultimately, we know that God is sovereign over all that comes to pass. He chose, before the foundations of the earth were laid, to redeem a people for his glory in Christ (Eph 1:4; Rev 13:8). This—including the fall and all its consequences—was his plan and his sovereign will. And yet, wonderfully and mysteriously, God can be charged with no evil, with no wrong-doing. He is the Sovereign Lord, who is righteous and just in all his ways.

Please check out Eric's full treatment of this question.  He gives a very biblical, pastoral and comprehensive answer.