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Why I haven't blogged much lately ...

I haven't been blogging much lately.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • I've realized that I enjoy spending more time with people.  Earth-shattering, I know.  Especially for a guy who is passionate about doing "life together."  But seriously, I'm meeting with people more intentionally and I've found that I don't have as much time to blog.
  • I've realized that the greatest impact I can have is on the people whom God has placed right here in my life.  Therefore, I want to invest the needed time to be the kind of husband, father, pastor, and friend to those closest to me, in my sphere of influence.
  • I've realized that my time is short.  Heaven awaits.  In the mean time, there are people in need, Scriptures to be meditated on, intercession to be offered, and relationships to be nurtured.  Blogging has become lower on my priority list.
  • I've realized that others can say it better and have more time to do it.  Check out the blogroll on the right sidebar ...

Please hear me.  I'm still gonna keep this blog.  In fact, I am grateful to God for blogs and the people who write them.  And it's been fun to bring my colleague and friend, Lisle Drury, on board to write with me.  But these are just some thoughts I've had on my own personal journey as a blogger ... as I long to live what I believe ... and do "life together so that others may live".