Why Matt Chandler Came to The Village

Many of you know that Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, was teaching and preaching around the world with big crowds and good money before God called him to shepherd a small (160 people) church in the suburbs. When he accepted the position many of his friends thought he had made a horrible mistake even going so far as to say that he was being disobedient and a bad steward of the gifts God had given him. So why did he do it? Here's his answer (and I encourage you to read slowly):

The truth is I didn't become the pastor of a church in a Dallas suburb because I had a grand vision for growing a dynamic, life-transforming, church-planting, gospel-preaching, God-centered church.  I took the position because after a great deal of conversation, prayer, and fasting, my wife and I felt it was the direction God, through the Holy Spirit, was leading us.

I came to The Village because I thought that by doing so I would get to see more of Him, experience more of Him, sense more of Him, see more of me die and more of my flesh perish.  I came to The Village because I wanted the old man in me to lose more power.  Christ is the great end that I am after.  He is why. (Catalyst GroupZine, Vol. 5).

I tear up as I think about how God answered his prayer in ways he would have never imagined.