Why the name Luke?

Here's a few reasons why we chose to name our son, Luke: Luke is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  In it, Luke (the only non-Jewish gospel writer) emphasizes that the gospel is for everyone--for the Gentiles, the Samaritans, the outcasts, the poor, the women, and the children, etc.  I pray that my son would embrace the gospel and long to share the gospel with all people.

Luke wrote his gospel clearly, accurately, orderly, and beautifully.  It seemed he was a man of diligence and devotion.  I pray that my son would do everything he does with Christ-like devotion and passion.

Luke also wrote the book of Acts.  In it, he emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Likewise, the Holy Spirit is mentioned 14 times in Luke, more than Matthew and Mark combined).  I pray that my son would be a man filled with the Holy Spirit, relying on the Spirit's power, not his own.

Luke emphasizes the importance of prayer.  Prayer is central to Luke's gospel (19 times) and the book of Acts (16 times).  I pray that my son would be a man of prayer.

Luke was called, "the beloved physician."  He sought to heal people physically and spiritually.  I pray that my son would be a "physician of souls" healing people with the power and sweetness of the gospel.

Luke loved to tell stories.  His gospel is filled with the parables of Jesus.  The familiar parables of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son come from the book of Luke.  I love stories, and I pray that my son would love the parables of Jesus and then pass them down to his own children someday. 

In summary, it seems that Luke was a man centered on one main thing--the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because of his passion for the gospel, he had compassion on all kinds of people.  He took action to meet their physical needs and their spiritual needs as he supported Paul on his missionary journeys. 

So my prayer for my son, Luke Douglas, is that he would be a man who is centered on the gospel.  That he would love Jesus and love people.  That he would have a deep love and passionate heart for people's souls.  That he would be driven by the Holy Spirit and be a man of compassion and action.  That he wouldn't be afraid to get into the lives of all people in need of salvation.  And that he would be a humble, dependent man of prayer, with a heart wholly devoted to Jesus.  May it be Lord.  For your glory.  Amen and Amen.