Willow Creek's New Focus

Many of you are aware of Willow Creek's study that left them with some disheartening news regarding their overall effectiveness in ministry.  The leadership of the church humbly admitted their mistakes in terms of their philosophy of ministry.  Greg Hawkins, executive pastor at Willow, recapped the study and then shared some changes that the church is now making in response:

Our strategy to reach seekers is now about focusing on the mature believers. This is a huge shift for Willow.

Is this the focus of your church in terms of reaching people with the gospel?  Are you pouring your life into your leaders so they can in turn pour themselves into unbelievers in their sphere of influence?  Granted, we must model for our leaders a lifestyle of intentional evangelism, but do we really believe that reaching people is about discipling people to maturity so they can reproduce themselves?  Or, are we content to draw in a crowd full of passive pew sitters that make us look as if we're succeeding in the work of evangelism?  Obviously, Willow Creek is not.  And that's encouraging.

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