With whom do I want to do life together?

Guest post by: Eric Schumacher With whom do I want to do life together?

That is a question we all answer with our actions and choices, if not our words.

Is it with those who share my tastes, my style, my ethnicity, my status (marital, financial, social, intellectual or otherwise), my gender, my age, my politics, my parenting choices, my hobbies, or my affinities?

I like the answer of Martin Luther (as quoted in What Luther Says):

I want to be and remain in the church and among the little flock in which there are timid, weak, and ailing people who recognize and feel their sin, plight, and misery, who sincerely sigh and cry to God without ceasing for comfort and help, and who believe in the forgiveness of sins and are persecuted for the sake of the Word, which they teach and confess in purity and without adulteration.

Essentially, Luther says, he wants to be in a church that loves the Gospel and hopes in Christ. To which I add, Amen!