Woe to us parents ...

 These words by Piper pierced my gut today:

Woe to us if we ever become so fixated on the welfare of our own children that we lose our passion for rescuing lost neighbors and reaching lost nations.

There will be God-ordained, Christ-exalting kingdom-advancing strategies for parents that are not built around the ideal comforts and securities and earthly possibilities and pedagogical excellence for children. There will be times, Jesus says (in Matthew 19:29), when "for my sake" you will leave children. And no doubt in leaving you will feel that the ideal home situation is being lost. And it is. But God is able to do more than we ever dreamed with the painful circumstances created by following his radical call. "One hundredfold", is the word he uses. "One hundredfold" (hekatontaplasiona)!

O God, give us a proper view of our children and the mission you have given us as a family.  Let us be willing to take risks for your name's sake!