Worth giving your life for?

Guest Post: Freddy T. Wyatt Have you ever been to New York City? I had never been until January of 2004. I was not prepared for what I would encounter. My heart was slowly arrested with the realities I was exposed to. Exposure is everything.

It wasn't the amazing skyline as stunning as the skyline is. It wasn't the diamonds at Tiffany's as brilliant as they are. It was giant piano that you can dance on @ FAO Swartz, though I highly recommend doing the dance. It wasn't the awesome sights of Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building, or Central Park that captured my affection so deeply and it wasn't the constantly emerging arts, though I do deeply love these things and so much more. It was one glorious thing. One undeniably beautiful thing. It was millions of beautiful, valuable, brilliant things that are worth giving your life for.


People created in the image of an infinitely valuable God.

Millions of people.

The nations. The same nations that God promised to bless in Genesis 12:2-3, the same nations that the people of God having been singing about for ages from Psalm 67, and the same nations that our Christ commissioned us to go to with his gospel of grace. The nations have gathered in New York City.

In 2004, I lived among them for 13 weeks. Over 800 different language groups.

Exposure is everything.

In 2008 my growing family moved from a comfortable home, in a comfortable preaching position in our home church to serve as church planters in New York City. It has been a wonderful faith filled journey that we wouldn't trade. You can read more about our story here. Bottom line, New York City is incredibly strategic in God's global purposes! I'm so thankful for Doug Wolter's church, LaGrange Baptist for their support of our work here in NYC.

Perhaps as you read this very simple and short post, something in your heart was gripped for the nations in New York City. For more information on how you or your church can be involved in seeing a church planting movement in New York City check out the new organization, SendNYC and hit up my good friend's blog who is spearheading it. #shamelessplug