You Can't Cover Up Your Sin

From the very beginning, man has tried to cover his own sin and it hasn’t worked.  Like a little kid standing in the middle of the room covering his eyes, we think no one will see us.  But we’re fooling ourselves.  We can’t cover our sin.  Only God can cover our sin and make us secure in Christ.  And because he loves us, he comes after us in our rebellion and confronts us with our sin so we would confess it and continue no longer in it.  His goal is that you would be broken before him and out of this heart that’s been humbled, tell of his mercy and grace.  This was the story of David.  And it’s our story too if we choose to respond the way David did when God came running after him.  This past Sunday I preached from 2 Samuel 12:1-15 to remind us that we cannot cover up our sin – only God can cover it with His grace.

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My message came on the heels of my good friend Lisle's message on 2 Samuel 11 where he reminded us of the reality of David’s sin and that if it can happen to David, it can happen to any of us.  I encourage you to listen to his message as well.