You Would Think After All These Years ...

As a parent of three, I resonate (big-time) with Zach Nielsen's thoughts here:

This morning my family was eating breakfast together and my eldest, Taylor, age 5 (almost 6) declared, “More cereal!”

I turned to Kim and said, “You would think after all these years that he would learn”. Meaning, that after at least 5 years of his parents telling him to ask for something by saying “please” that he would learn to use this word when making his request.

Then it dawned on me and I turned again to Kim and said, “I wonder if God sometimes turns to the angels and says in reference to me, ‘You would think after all these years that he would learn’”. Meaning, just like my son Taylor, I fail to actualize in my life the truths of God's word that I have been taught over and over again. Even more telling is the fact that I have had 32 years and not 5!

Unfortunately, being a forgetful person who fails to learn is too often my testimony. It is also the testimony of the people of God in the Bible.   (read the rest here)