Your Greatest Help Lives Within You

Many of you know that I've recently transitioned from serving as Family Pastor at LaGrange Baptist Church in LaGrange, Kentucky, to Senior Pastor at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Humboldt, Iowa.  It's been a big change (thus the lack of blog posts!), but God has been very good.  We sense that He has us right where he wants us for such a time as this. Maybe the biggest lesson God is teaching me so far is that He's with me.  He's given me the gift of himself - the Holy Spirit.  I'm learning to rely on him more than ever as I remind myself that the help I need lives right within me.*  The Holy Spirit gives me power to do things I cannot do on my own.  So when I'm faced with circumstances that are beyond my wisdom, instead of thinking to myself, "I can't do this," I'm reminding myself, "I can do this, by the power of the Holy Spirit in me."

What an amazing gift to ponder at Christmastime.  The help of the Holy Spirit living within us.

Praise God.

*Paul Tripp elaborates on this concept in his excellent DVD series called, "Portrait of a Struggle."