Here at Oak Hill we hold the Bible in the highest regard and believe it is the ultimate authority in matters of faith and conduct. Because of this, we devote a large portion of our time every week to hearing from the Bible, as explained by one of our pastors.


ADVENT: Celebrate the Waiting

21 Days of Prayer-05.png

What is prayer? How do we pray? These are questions that many of us ask regularly and this series seeks to address. Join us as we learn what the Bible teaches us about talking and listening to our Heavenly Father.

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What does it mean to be a healthy church? What is a healthy leader? What is a healthy church member? In this series we walk through the book of Titus and see what Paul says about all of these things.

3 Stories

This summer we are looking at three Old Testament stories: Ruth, Job and Jonah. We will watch for the ways that God, whether obviously or subtly interacted with the characters and guided the narrative from beginning to end.

This Sunday our message was brought by a guest preacher who works with Muslim refugees in the Middle East. In his first letter, Peter is writing to Jewish exiles who are outsiders both geographically and culturally. We were reminded that anyone who follows Jesus automatically becomes an exile because our home is now in heaven, with Jesus. This is only possible because Jesus himself became an exile from heaven. His sacrifice made it so that those of us who were unable to be at home WITH God have become the home OF God.

Don't Waste Your Summer

We want to live our lives for Jesus no matter what season it is. This year we are talking about how we can spend our time intentionally looking for ways to engage our family, our neighbors and our culture while still taking time to relax and recharge.


We are spending five weeks looking at the end of the life of Jesus. His death and resurrection was the turning point for all of history. Join us as we look at what several events from the end of Jesus' ministry can teach us today.


Deep & Wide

At Oak Hill Church we want to see people who are rooted deep in the gospel of Jesus Christ and are thereby motivated to reach wide into the community in the name of Jesus. To help accomplish this, we spent 8 weeks  looking at how scripture directs us in these pursuits.

The Big Story

The Bible is a story unlike any other. It is the true story of how God has created and interacted with His creation. As we read the Bible we see four distinct acts in the story: Creation, Fall, Rescue and Restoration. In this 4 part sermon series, we spend one week on each act, looking at our place in God's Big Story.

Treasuring God's Word in 2017

In this standalone sermon, Associate Pastor Josh Koehn encourages us to begin the new year as we should every year, rooted in the Bible.

Prepare Him Room

This Christmas we took a closer look at some of our favorite Christmas Carols and the gospel truths that they contained.