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The Big Story


In part one of The Big Story we looked at Creation. We looked at how God created mankind separately from the rest of creation by making man in his own image. We look into the Bible for the answers to three big questions. Who created everything? Who are we? and Why are we here?


Soon after God created humans, we decided that we wanted to be in control and we did the one thing that God told us not to do. This is called the Fall and in this moment of rebellion, everything became tainted and ruined by sin. Fortunately this is not the end of the story and God made a way for us to be made clean from the filth of our sin.



In part three of The Big Story, we see Jesus come to be our sacrificial lamb. He covers us with His blood in the same way that the Israelites covered their door frames with the blood of a lamb at the first passover. And in the same way that a child at the first passover would say "I am alive because that spotless lamb was killed," we can say that we are alive because Jesus, the spotless lamb of God, was killed.
The fourth week of this series we look at Restoration, and the day when Jesus returns and restores everything to the way it is supposed to be. We looked at John's vision of heaven in Revelation 21 and what God revealed to him about what it will be like when God has "made all the sad things come untrue."