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New to Oak Hill?

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What is oak hill church all about?

Oak Hill Church is all about Jesus. We want you to know him, grow in him and then sow him everywhere you go. There isn't a Sunday that goes by that Jesus isn't front and center in our preaching, our singing, and our praying. We love the Bible and think that it is the most important book you will ever read because it is the very word of God. We  sing and worship together, we hang out and talk about our lives together. We laugh and sing and pray and do our best to point each other to Jesus in everything we do.

What are Sunday mornings like?

Sunday mornings at Oak Hill are a time of both reverence and joy. You will likely be greeted as if you are an old friend and invited in like you've been here your whole life. We'll spend about an hour singing, praying and hearing from God's word. Sometimes we sing with drums and electric guitar, sometimes just a simple piano arrangement.

Do I have to dress up?

You can wear whatever you want to Oak Hill and you will fit right in. There are a few ties and a few pairs of flip flops, but most people are somewhere in between.


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