We want you to KNOW Christ personally and deeply. We encourage you to attend our Sunday morning worship services and get into God’s Word regularly.



We want you to GROW in Christ as a family.  We encourage you to get into relationships with others by joining one of our Sunday School classes or Small Groups.


We want you to SOW Christ locally and globally.  We encourage you to help others know Christ by sharing the gospel and your life with people in your sphere of influence.

Last Week's Sermon

While there was no rest for the Israelites while they were slaves in Egypt, once God brought them away from there, rest was actually a requirement. He provided food for them each day in the form of quail and manna, including a double portion once a week so that they could rest the next day. Today, our rest should be in Jesus, enabling us to live a life of spiritual Sabbath rest.

Women's Brunch Testimonies

At our Women's brunch this year we heard the stories of four women, two who had been through a major trial in their life and two are in the midst of one. We see in them, stories of how God works through trials to draw us closer to Himself.