Good Friday

March 30th

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Easter Sunday

April 1st

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We want you to KNOW Christ personally and deeply. We encourage you to attend our Sunday morning worship services and get into God’s Word regularly.



We want you to GROW in Christ as a family.  We encourage you to get into relationships with others by joining one of our Sunday School classes or Small Groups.


We want you to SOW Christ locally and globally.  We encourage you to help others know Christ by sharing the gospel and your life with people in your sphere of influence.

Last Week's Sermon

Jesus spoke about the need for someone to be born again and John picks up this theme in his letter. Our spiritual rebirth is much like our physical birth, most notably because we rely on the power of God to make it happen. After we are born again, we believe in Jesus, we develop a love for the Father, we overcome the world, live in joyful obedience, and love the children of God.

Current Sermon Series Trailer

Life is full of big questions. How do I know I am going to heaven? How do I know that God loves me? How do I know if my faith is real? There are answers to these and other questions in the Bible. In this sermon series we will be looking at the book of I John so that we might have confidence in our answers and assurance of our salvation.