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We have one short life; our days are numbered. The sooner we embrace this reality the sooner we get a heart of wisdom that overflows with God's love to a world that's falling apart.
Everyone has regrets. Some are small like the "if-only's" and missed opportunities all of us experience in life. But some are big like the past sins that haunt us and stay with us even to this day. So, how do we get rid of the stain of our past? Thankfully, Jesus came to cleanse us from our sin and shame and crown us with love and honor.
Have you ever had a time in your life when God seemed distant and silent? When you couldn't see what He was doing, and so you found yourself asking, "How long will this go on, God? How long before you answer me? How long before you intervene and make things better? How long?" If that's you, you're not alone. Even King David experienced moments like these. But in his time of pain and sadness, rather than stuffing it or numbing it, he came to God with his raw and honest questions. And these humble prayers provided a path for him (and for us) to move from pain and despair to trust in God's love. (Note: We were honored to hear Kelly Goodell's journey of grief and hope beginning at 31:20).
Some say we're living in an age of anxiety, a nation of nervous wrecks. It's true. Fear affects all of us. And when we listen to the lies swirling around in our minds, fear only gets bigger as God seems to get smaller. It's in these moments we must humble ourselves, and push out fear by filling our minds with the promises of God.
In a culture where women were treated as second-class citizens, Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to be the first witness to the resurrection. Hers was a story of overwhelming darkness and sadness until she met Jesus. She owed everything to Christ and stood by her Savior with an unwavering love. Seeing the risen Jesus changed her life forever! Have you seen Jesus with the eyes of your heart?