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Judas, one of Jesus' 12 disciples played a pivotal role in the story of our salvation. After several years of living and working with Jesus day in and day out, Judas betrays his supposed master into the hands of death. This story prompts us to examine our own hearts to see if we truly love Jesus or if we are simply going through the religious motions while actually living for ourselves.
After Jesus' resurrection, some of his followers wanted to get away for awhile and figure out what to do without their leader. Jesus walked with these two men for a few hours and explained to them, using the Old Testament, why he had to come and die and be raised back to life.
What if the resurrection isn't true? What if Jesus was just a good man who died? Looking at the story of Thomas, we see that Jesus is patient and gracious with our questions and doubts, revealing himself to us. In this sermon we look at some reasons to believe that Jesus really did rise from the dead and why that fact changes EVERYTHING.
Peter's story is an example that all believer's should follow. The primary lesson we learn from this text is that when we fail, we should run to Jesus, not from him. We see that there is only one hero in the Bible and that is Jesus. Everyone else is just a sinner in need of His grace.
In this good Friday sermon we see that even with his last few breaths, Jesus is welcoming people into his kingdom. He was crucified between two thieves and when one of them chides the other and declares Jesus to be God himself, Jesus tells him that they will be together in paradise. This despite the fact that he had nothing to offer and no time to turn his life around.
While arguably the least understood person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit is no less important than the Father or the Son. After Christ's ascension, the Holy Spirit was sent by God to live in those who trust in Jesus so that we could accomplish His mission. The Holy Spirit's role is to open mouths, open doors and open hearts.