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Next Steps

We don't want people to just have a one time encounter with Jesus at Oak Hill Church. We want you to continue walking with Him and growing and learning in your faith. Here are some of the next steps you can take in that journey.

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Knowing Jesus

If you don't know Jesus personally, this is where you need to start. Jesus is the foundation of our lives and guides and shapes everything we do. 

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Starting Point Class

Each church is a little different, even if we worship the same God and read the same Bible. This class gives an overview of what Oak Hill believes and why we believe it.

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Even Jesus was baptized, and he commanded his followers to do the same. We believe that baptism is an important step on your journey.

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Bible Reading

Everything we believe is based on the Bible and it is important that we are reading it not just on Sunday morning, but throughout our lives.

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Sunday School

There is always more to learn from the Bible, so we offer a variety of classes on Sunday mornings to help us see who God is and what He has done more clearly.

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Growth Groups

God designed us to live in community. We have a number of groups that gather together to study and discuss God's Word and how it intersects with our daily lives.

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Serving others is an integral part of the Christian life and we have many opportunities here to serve.

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Everything we have comes from God, so we want to acknowledge that by giving a portion of what we have back to him.